I am an amateur photographer based in Quinte, Ontario. I make no pretensions to being a professional even though I can count professional sports, weddings and portrait sessions on my photographic resume. I simply love to take and produce photographs and I hope I do it reasonably well. If you don’t think so then just move right along, I won’t argue.

Photography gives me that creative outlet that we all need these days. After the 9-5 is over I want to create, I want to go out and capture the world around me. I can’t draw or paint, never could, I can’t really write (so why do a blog, you say – well, so many others who blog can’t write either, so I guess I’m at no disadvantage there) but what I try to do is to make pictures.

That’s what this blog is about, making pictures. You won’t see many architectural shots here or portraits. You are more likely to find landscape, nature and sports shots but that’s what I prefer. If you enjoy looking at them then that’s a great reward for me. If you do enjoy them please leave me a comment and tell me; if you think they can be improved then by all means tell me that too.

Just a note, all my pictures are copyrighted – if you want to use them then all I ask is that you send me a note and ask me, don’t just take them – thank you.

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