Photography Project 26 – A is for…

What else could it be for a photographer in Ontario but Algonquin? This is one of the most impactful places I have spent time in. Not because of its great beauty or dramatic scenery but just because of the scale of the place, the diversity of the environment, and the sheer number of hidden lakes and waterways. This area attracts thousands of visitors every year yet seems so quiet and peaceful. When I compare Algonquin in full summer vacation season to the English Lake District I look at the number of cars and coaches, the ability to travel from one spot to another without being caught for hours behind slow-moving caravans and compare the accessibility of Algonquin.

The Lakes has it hands-down in terms of scenery, it’s one of the most spectacular places in the world, but an isolated place in the Lake District is near impossible to find. On the other hand, I can find a spot in Algonquin and sit there for hours, undisturbed, just me & my camera (not forgetting a few million bugs in the summer, of course!).

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