Local nature photography

Not every photo expedition has to be carefully planned, with the objective thought out before hand and all the necessary kit packed into a bulging and heavy backpack. Getting out of a cosy bed before dawn once the clocks have gone forward is one of the most difficult parts of the photographer’s calling. Sometimes, though, after a leisurely breakfast it’s good just to take the minimum kit and go for a walk. Pick up that mirrorless Fuji with its lightweight 55-230 lens, pop a spare battery in your pocket and see what’s nearby.

In my case, I decided just to go for a walk in one of the nearby parks along with dozens of other locals just taking in a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. After the long winter here in Canada the coming of Spring and Summer is something that has to be taken advantage of; it won’t be long before we’re thinking about putting the winter tires back on our cars, so let’s make the most of it.


This wasn’t a quest for the perfect wildlife photograph. I don’t get paid for my work, I get the occasional picture published but photography has given me hours and hours of pleasure over the years. The simple act of taking a few decent pictures is enough to satisfy that urge to create that lives somewhere in all of us.


These pictures aren’t wildlife masterpieces, they weren’t taken with high-end equipment but but they were a lot of fun to shoot and I get a lot of pleasure just looking at them. Not to mention the physical health benefits of getting outside for a walk.


I don’t think you can underestimate the mental health benefits of a hobby that takes you out of the 9-5 and that allows you to indulge, to whatever extent, your creativity. I look at hobbies as my healthy obsessions. I hope to be obsessed and producing pictures that I like to look at for many years to come!


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