Covid Walking

A few (more) pictures from my daily dog walk. OK, I know I post quite a few pictures taken while walking the dog, but the scope is never-ending! Even though we walk in the same area every day, the changing nature of the parks and the gradual shift through the seasons means that there is always some variety to be had. Winter has its spectacular sunshine and snow storms, then giving over to Spring when the sun gets stronger and the days begin to warm. Summer sees the park in full leaf and the locals playing baseball, cricket or just having their social gatherings. And Fall speaks for itself. So we’re never short of anything to photograph.

But obviously right now, the whole country (the whole world) is in lockdown due to Covid19. Which makes the daily walks even more important, but also strange. People pass each other on the paths keeping well apart, but nod and say Good Morning, which rarely used to happen before the virus. Dogs are generally kept on their leashes as no-one wants to have to run after their dog which may have broken the physical distance by-law, and that can only be a good thing. But the playgrounds are empty, the baseball diamonds, which would be full for early-season practice, are unused and the only users of the cricket pitch are some of the local geese.

Park entrance

It’s important to remember this point in time and to make sure it’s documented. Many, many photographers are documenting the empty streets of our cities, or taking their Covid Portraits of people who are isolating in their homes. My small contribution is to continue to take images of our park, to have those images stand alongside the others taken during more normal times, to record a period in our lifetimes that will, hopefully, never come again.

Another playground closed down
The playground is now closed.


No swings today

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