Photography in the Fall

After quite a long hiatus while we moved house this year I feel as though I’m now getting back into the swing of things. At the start of the pandemic I bought a Fuji X100v, primarily with the intention of shooting some street photography. The fixed 23mm lens is an ideal focal length for that, and camera is so beautifully compact that it can be taken anywhere.

Anyway, Covid lockdowns put a stop to that idea, and then we began the house move, so the X100V got put on a shelf and taken down only very occasionally. Over the last couple of day, however, I’ve given it a runout on our daily walks, and fallen in love with it all over again! So simple to use, so clear, with JPGs straight out of the camera that are 100% usable, or which provide an ideal base for further editing.

These shots were taken using the Nostalgic Negative recipe from Joe D’Agostino – the X100V doesn’t have the native simulation – which I’ve either cropped and framed or used for a couple of abstract ‘in the round’ compositional shots. Enjoy!

Autumn pathway – abstract
Bay of Quinte
Tree fall

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