Extreme Exposures

I was looking at some stuff by the New Zealand-based photographer/artist Eva Polak recently and was really impressed not only with the technique but with her imagination and creativity also. There are some great photographers out there but I’m becoming more interested in the process of using photography as an artistic medium, closer to painting or one of the ‘traditional’ art movements. Eva, and others like Carl Heilmann are taking photography and through the application of their creative ideas are turning it into something very exciting. Before anyone leaps up and shouts that there’s more than one way to express creativity and it doesn’t have to be impressionistic to count, I agree with you. But the application of photographic techniques to produce an image that is much closer to another medium altogether is what appeals to me (today – tomorrow may be something different). And to do it in camera too – that’s the real beauty of it.

The pictures below were mainly done in camera, and with a point & shoot to boot – albeit a Canon G12. A bit of a boost to the saturation in pp and some contrast work, but that was largely it.

Station car park, 6am

Union Station, Toronto

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