Photography Project 26 – F is for…

Form As we’ve touched on previously, not all photography and certainly not all art, has to represent the true form. There’s an obsession in today’s photographic world with sharpness and contour; if a photo isn’t ‘tack sharp’ then there’s something wrong with it. Certainly you’ll find any number of ‘experts’ on the Internet these days who will jump all over anything that shows the slightest hint of being blurred, deliberate or otherwise. To those people I say ‘Painterly’. Here are a couple of examples of what can be done in post-processing to give a painterly feel to nature or landscape photos. By ‘painterly’ I mean an image that is more concerned with representing the true image, with depicting form and contour by suggestion and image rather than by true reproduction.

Both of the shots below were perfectly acceptable photographs in their own right, but it wasn’t really enough. As opposed to the shots in my posting for “E”, Extreme Exposures, the base shots for these images were all standard shots with no in-camera manipulation. The difference between Station Car Park and Lake Windermere is the amount of post-processing done to the initial picture (very little and quite a lot, respectively).

Lake Windermere

Muskoka River
Muskoka River

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