Photography Project 26 – G is for…


Or in this case, the Orton Sandwich technique! It’s a simple PP technique which uses the blending method to give an image a certain glow. The application is pretty straightforward – duplicate the picture layer, blur the first layer and then select a blending method such as Soft Light, Screen etc depending on the effect that you want to get.

‘G’ could also be for ‘Get your backside in gear’, given that it’s 6 months since I posted anything new here. But, life tends to interfere with even the best intentions. I fully intend to be a little more productive in the next few months and at least get myself halfway through the alphabet.

This image is from the old Ontario town of Balls Falls, down in the Niagara region. What used to be a thriving industrial hamlet in the 19th century completely died away in the 20th and is now just a tourist curiosity. Two waterfalls, a wide fast flowing river and a few old building are all that is left of George Ball’s dream. This is what remains of a 5-storey mill built on the banks of the river and which was powered by the flowing water.

Use of the Orton technique - Old Mill at Balls Falls

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