Double Exposure photography

The art of exposing the same frame more than once, in these cases, twice. It’s a technique that has some wonderful exponents and when combined with ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) and the use of ND filters to lengthen the exposure can produce some truly ghostly and abstract images. I’ve talked about Chris Friel before and now you should add to him names such as Valda Bailey and Dan Mountford.

ICM is something I’ve done before and always enjoyed the effects, but these people are on a completely different level. If my work is to get anywhere near their quality then I need to practice and learn. Yesterday was a step along that path, driving through SW Ontario looking for likely shots, with a previsualised thought of the type of shot I wanted to get. I was looking for a farmhouse, for fields which I could combine in the shot, in camera.

Taken at the intersection in Campbellville by the Conservation Area

Highway 9


Check out here for some great double / multiple exposure tutorials

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