Still Life from everyday objects

Mention the words ‘still life’ to most, me included, and the first thought that comes to mind is the Renaissance masters, the Dutch school, Veritas and the classical, sidelit, muted tones of those wonderful 16th century masterpieces. Today the likes of Sergei Sogokon can reproduce those with cameras and lights, and for a while I tried to do the same with long exposures and painting with flashlights. I might well go back to that at some point, but today I decided to produce something simpler, something more immediate and which required less setup. It’s surprising what you can do with stuff that’s just lying around at home, and as evidence, I give you a hacksaw, an awl, a wrench and a paintbrush! Not the most inspiring of objects I admit, but I think that it just goes to show that given the right incentive, you can make a shot out of anything. This is something that I’d had in mind for a while and I could see these as prints on a workroom wall.





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