Urban Photography

I’m not talking about traditional street photography here, I would describe these pictures as more urban environmental. Taken when wandering a few streets around my new home town of Trenton, Ontario, these were created on a rainy overcast day using the exquisite Fuji X100V. I had half an hour to spare while I waited for my wife who was at an appointment, so I took a quick stroll around the immediate area.

I’m not familiar enough yet with the town to give you its architectural history, but these buildings seem to belong to what was probably an earlier stage of development. The houses are wood-framed, one of them even looking timber-framed, while there is a collapsing barn or workshop set back from the main road.

Workshop or dwelling? Collapsed now, anyway

I processed the pictures in a couple of styles, one obviously black and white using the Acros simulation with additional contrast, but also using Classic Chrome and the Pro Neg options that are native to the Fuji X100V. The day was dull and rainy, these treatments seemed to fit the bill nicely. I also cropped some in 16×9 while others suited a square format better. I try to shoot with a particular crop in mind, which helps visualize the shot.

Heading uphill
Division St Junction

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