Approach of winter & Black and White Photography

These images were taken on the Fujifilm X100V, not the smallest carry-around camera in the world, but small enough to fit into the pocket of the parka I have to wear outside due to the onset of the Ontario winter.

Living near the Bay of Quinte, we’ve started taking the dogs around the local park for their morning walk, but the wind coming off the water can be brutally cold. The weather forecast might say -7 celsius, but you can pretty much guarantee that the wind at the Bay will drop that temperature by another 10 degrees.

These pictures were taken on one morning walk when there was no wind, so the tree branches cooperated by staying still enough to create a feeling that if you sat on one of the benches, the branches would fall around you, they were waiting for someone to come closer.


The power and impact of black and white is evident; I’ve dedicated more than one blog post to it, as have many other photographers, so I won’t repeat them here. Just to say, these images would not have worked in colour; they would have been washed out, grey, low contrast. Black and white Acros simulation, finished with Nik Silver Efex 2, gave me all I wanted.

Seagulls over water

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