Business Travel in photographs

I don't know if this applies to everyone, but I wonder if there's a time in every photographer's life where we start to look for projects and not just images. I hope it means that from the perspective of our own creative journey we've progressed beyond the point where we concern ourselves with f-stop, shutter… Continue reading Business Travel in photographs

Photography mini-project – Waiting for a gardener

Quick posting this time, not an essay. I recently went home to England for a week to visit my father who is now in a nursing home and, to be honest, not likely to come out again. There's a lot of stuff I could write about Dad, about his career, his personality, how he and… Continue reading Photography mini-project – Waiting for a gardener

Personal projects and World Photography Day

This summer has been terrific for photography. Not only have I managed to get out to plenty of events, some new and some revisited, but I've shot on 35mm, 120 film, with a Bronica, a Holga, a Nikon F90x, my Fuji, D610 and D7100. What more could someone want? And the Fall promises to bring… Continue reading Personal projects and World Photography Day