Personal projects and World Photography Day

This summer has been terrific for photography. Not only have I managed to get out to plenty of events, some new and some revisited, but I’ve shot on 35mm, 120 film, with a Bronica, a Holga, a Nikon F90x, my Fuji, D610 and D7100. What more could someone want? And the Fall promises to bring more events still.

One of the most enjoyable activities has been to join a new group for a few of us, not a camera club as such, more of a loose gathering of like-minded individuals who simply enjoy taking photographs and get to feed off each other’s enthusiasm. I’ve tried the traditional camera clubs and they just weren’t for me but this little group promises to be different. No judging, no rules, just people who get along, looking to each other to learn and progress.

And as it’s World Photography Day today I thought I ought to do something to celebrate. I’ve been considering taking on a small personal project for a while now but, as usual, was stuck for the creative spark. What should I take? What theme would be interesting enough to provide variety yet straightforward enough so that it could be accomplished without having to make complex plans or arrangements. So was born…100 Doors. The subject matter is everywhere, literally on the doorstep, but the area of Toronto where I work provides a massive variety of architecture, buildings new and old, businesses, personal dwellings, the University of Toronto etc etc etc. I have no excuse for not completing this. The first 8 are in the bag, only 92 to go.

Click on the picture below to see progress….

100 Doors//

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